Anabel Chan – Ham Yard Shopping Evening

Ham Yard is an oasis of small boutique shops near Piccadilly, London. Known for their luxury we at Chiloé decided to take a closer look at Harem Bath, Anabel Chan, Brummel London and My Cup of Tea four different brands with four different stories.

Inspired by nature Anabela Chan is a London based artist hot off the press in 2017. Recognised for her colourful and unique jewelry, Chan’s celeb client list can be the envy any brand. From whimsical magazine editorials to chart topping music videos, Chan’s beautiful statement pieces have been capturing people’s imagination since 2013.

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Paris and living in London it is not surprising that Chan loves to travel and this forms the main inspiration behind her pieces. However it is from Chan’s studying and background as an architect which enables her to turn her ideas into a reality. If you are looking for bespoke pieces to wear, love and treasure, you cannot go wrong with Anabela Chan and this was explicitly clear to as you entered her shop.

The aesthetic of the store wows you as soon as you step in. You feel like you’ve been transposed to a magical galaxy of tropical bling. Birds, butterflies, palm leafs and sparkly objects welcome you into the world of Anabel Chan. We were greeted by two lovely ladies with an offer of champagne. Not ones to turn down a bit of bubbly, we were taken on a tour of the store and educated on the background of the Anabel Chan brand and where the designer’s inspirations stem from. It was already apparent that she had a love for nature and exotic explorations. Her love for the environment was made even clearer once we were informed that several of her gemstones are ethical laboratory-grown! But you would never have guessed it… Her jewelry are absolutely stunning!

There is literally a piece there for everyone. On one end we observed cute dog and cat inspired rings made form 18ct yellow, white and rose fold with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. In another corner of her store, an array of haute rings and earrings were displayed in a fabulous range of colours, including emerald, tangerine and lilac.

The Kitty Collection

Sipping on our champagne, we were guided towards the back of the store where in a glass display was the Mirage Ring, Queen of Pop; Rihanna wore in the summer video of the year ‘Wild Wild Wild’ by DJ Khalid. The 18ct yellow ring surrounded by a rainbow array of the prettiest set of lab-grown gemstones is simply beautiful.

Rihanna’s “Wild Wild Wild” ring (pictured centre)

Anabel once said “I want to create magical, fun and fabulous jewels that tell stories…” and we are really excited that we were able to experience this idea come to life in her boutique.


For that same experience and to pick up a unique piece for yourself or a loved one, visit her site or head on down to her store at Ham Yard village.

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