Brummells of London – Ham Yard Shopping Evening

Ham Yard is an oasis of small boutique shops near Piccadilly, London. Known for their luxury we at Chiloé decided to take a closer look at Harem Bath, Anabel Chan, Brummel London and My Cup of Tea four different brands with four different stories.

If you want a luxurious gift or grooming product look no further than Brummells of London. Brummells of London at every possible chance want to remind you that it is a brand which culminates the best products around the world for you to enjoy. Named after a famously fashionable dandy and with a pineapple as an icon, a product historically taken from distant lands to adorn the homes of the few, the brands branding certainly works. The company nonetheless is successful in finding niche global products for you to enjoy proving that an old system can be successful in the modern world.

The Brummells of London Pineapple

The store itself adds to this notion due to its ambiance; as soon as you walk in, there’s a glorious mixture of artistic displays and beautiful scents. In the middle is the brands emblem; a big gold pineapple hosting a selection of strikingly scented candles.

As we began to look around, we quickly noticed that most of the bottles were unrecognisable (well, to us LOL) and it became apparent that what was available were products that weren’t common at all in the UK. The bottle designs, the scents, the brand names were foreign to us, (except a few like Acqua Di Parma, Bvlgari etc.) and this got us more intrigued.

We were offered champagne as we continued to take a look around the store and were told about the idea behind the Brummells of London brand and what the intentions of Mark Arnell; the founder, are behind the boutique. Mr. Arnell’s adage is “Finding the exquisite”. To him there are a few elements that make a product special; to list a few it has to be made from the finest ingredients, created with passion, deliver on its promise and tell an interesting story. They travel the world looking for the most admirable grooming products for men and women and take pride in offering the most unique and unusual novelties to their customers.

This is basically the idea behind the pineapple logo. Travelling the world to search for the very finest resonates with the story of sea captains centuries ago, who would place a pineapple outside their homes as a sign that they had returned from an expedition.

We tested a few perfumes out which were simply put, heavenly. A personal favourite was the “Boadicea The Victorious – Ardent”. A sweet mixture of earthy and floral notes, the scent was remarkable.

Boadicea The Victorious – Ardent

For an exclusive gift for someone special, definitely visit Brummells of London, and we are sure that one of the lovely members of staff will point out something that will thrill you!


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