My Cup Of Tea- Ham Yard Shopping Evening

Ham Yard is an oasis of small boutique shops near Piccadilly, London. Known for their luxury we at Chiloé decided to take a closer look at Harem Bath, Anabel Chan, Brummel London and My Cup of Tea four different brands with four different stories.

My Cup of Tea takes the quintessentially British drink back to its traditional roots, the Empire and beyond. Each product is sourced from different areas from around the globe and no corners are cut in any part of the harvesting or processing. Matched alongside few and specifically chosen accessories this brand is rich in simplicity, tradition and luxury.

Launched in 2008, My Cup of Tea is our Cup of Tea and the store is one of the most serene we’ve been to. After the hustle and bustle of the day, walking into this location was extremely calming. The simplicity in décor and the light scent of tea that hits you as you walk in are soothing and truly welcomed.

The next thing that catches our attention is the display at the far end of the room. Against a deep blue wall are framed photos of several plants that make up the ingredients of the tea supplied here. We walk over, and the lady in charge kindly points out the apothecary jars underneath the set of frames and explains the type of tea stored in each of them. As we move down the line of jars, she lifts the lids and allows us to get a smell of each scent. Absolutely divine! For someone that loves tea, I was in heaven.

To the left is a display of modern and simplistic teaware; great for presentations purposes but very practical. Glass teapots, bamboo matcha sets and Japanese styled utensils make up this mini exhibition and are available for purchase.

Behind the cash register is a tea counter where loose teas & tisanes are sold by weight. A variety of tea blends is displayed in cool stainless steel scoops to allow us to see, smell, touch and taste.

Any tea purchased is weighed and wrapped up in special paper which are designed with images and some information about the variety of plants, fruits and herbs used to make their tea.

If you’re a lover of tea, I suggest you pop round and take a look, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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