Nigeria – the luxury capital of Africa

Noted for its inconceivable contrast of landscapes encompassing lush greenery and distant mountains covered by thorny shrubs and dry acacia trees, Africa is fast becoming the ultimate luxury hot spot of the world.  Much has changed in the continent where your trip now is far less strenuous, much more luxurious and predictable than when Vasco da Gama first made his voyage in 1460.

The luxury industry in Africa has taken off so much, to the extent that, the experience of traveling to Africa is fast becoming incomparable. Forget the days when everything in the continent was so elemental that you would be welcome to your hotel with a glass of the favorite house wine. Now, do not be surprised when you are greeted with a glass of Chateau Margaux or Chateau Lafite served in Murano glasses.

Nigeria, in particular, is enjoying an incipient luxury market that is growing faster than anyone ever imagined. The cream of the crop that enjoys the taste of freshly popped champagne includes the political elite, entrepreneurs, oil industry executives and individuals with ‘old money.’  While the elite previously had to travel abroad to purchase top-shelf brands and experience deluxe holiday excursions, now they need not go far because everything from Hermes stores to automobile stores that sell roaring Ferraris is available in their back yard.

The market has enormous potential, and with some infrastructure changes and increased investment opportunities, Nigeria could quickly become the luxury capital of the continent.  Nigeria has always been a hub of economic and political innovation alongside South Africa and various Eastern African countries like Kenya. In fact, Nigeria was one of the very first countries in the continent to acquire self-rule, and with over 55 years of peaceful democracy, the future looks bright.

Nigeria has never been one to shy away from opulence, and it has been ranked 147 out of 189 economies in the simplicity of conducting business index. The Gross Domestic figures of 2015 alone place the country ahead of venerable financial powerhouse South Africa. Nigeria has some of the best, wildlife drives, game resorts, beach resorts and hotels in Africa with luxury hotels such as Nicon Luxury, Abuja and Protea Hotel, Ikeja offering deluxe accommodation to the elite and those looking to enjoy a luxurious holiday vacation. Filled with abundant natural resources, a flourishing film industry known as Nollywood and a lucrative technology and banking sector, Nigeria should be on top of your travel list this Christmas.

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